Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) 20th Anniversary

For those of you who’re born and living the 90’s will surely familiar with this ‘Legendary’ football game. Winning Eleven or known in some country as Pro Evolution Soccer. First released back in 1995, the game is now celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.

for a product / brand this old, i personally think that bringing back a nostalgia element into the promotion campaign can be really effective. The ads that is featured in this post is Japanese, which makes it impossible for me to understand what they are talking about. But nevertheless, it does bring the nostalgia out of me despite it has been a really long time since i play this game (i play Fifa now :p)

mannn, this ads is surely bring back memories & the fun i had playing this game. Thank you & Happy 20th Anniversary Winning Eleven !

Enjoy 😉



Thematic Campaign: ‘Unlock the 007 in You”

I’ve always been a big fan of Coca-Cola campaign. Thus i decided to publish one of the Integrated Marketing Campaign done by the Coca-Cola back in 2012.

On September 12th, 2012 The Coca-Cola Company announced a very interesting news. a partnership between it’s Coca-Cola Zero brand and SKYFALL™, the highly anticipated 23rd instalment of the James Bond series due for release in the UK on 26th October. It is a continuity of the successful partnership, which began in 2008, through the brand’s association with Quantum of Solace.

“James Bond is a global cultural icon who consistently takes action to create what’s possible, making this the perfect partnership for Coca-Cola Zero.”

utilizing this partnership to the fullest, Coca-Cola Zero UK started it’s campaign by launching a  TV Commercial, as well as a limited edition SKYFALL™ Can


The Can

The ‘unlock the 007 in you’ Commercial

Moreover, as part of the Bond Integrated Marketing campaign that was developed by Coca-Cola’s North West Europe and Nordics business unit to support Brand’s association with the movie, Coca-Cola with the Belgian ad agency Duval Guillaume Modem set up an elaborate activation campaign in Antwerp’s central station.

the video was being launched online to drive engagement and conversation around the central campaign idea of ‘Coke Zero drives you to unlock the 007 in you’.

and sure it did. as of November 2012, these are the fact of the video campaign

  • High reach: 7.1M views on YouTube
  • High enjoyment: 98% likes on YouTube
  • High engagement: 832.3k shares (801.9k via Facebook, 29.8k tweets and 500 via blog posts)
  • Strong coverage: Beyond online pick-up, the viral success delivered strong coverage in offline media as well (TV shows, newspapers, trade press, etc.)
  • Also, the video has become the most shared Bond related ad

Epic eh ? 🙂

“Kitto Katsu” the Success Story

For brands, sometimes having a homogeneous global image isn’t always a good thing. although in this globalization era sometimes a brand will be at advantage for having an International image, it is important for the marketing team to always adapt with the culture of the country it is in (localization).

“Japan: a culturally complex society with incredibly aggresive retail market. Here, the problem isn’t getting shelf space, it’s keeping it. for kitkat the solution wan’t to fight the battle on the shelf, it was to create an entirely new way to rediscover and experience the brand.”

For most of the countries, Kit Kat means chocolate bar, yet In Japanese, ‘Kitto Katto’ sounds just like “kitto katsu,” which loosely translates into “good luck”

This video will show you how Nestle successfully pulled off a marketing campaign in one of the toughest retail market in the world with Kit Kat’s Postal campaign where Nestle used “kitto katsu,” to its advantage and took out special packages for the postal office whereby people can wish each other through Kit Kat.

“the uncrashable TOY CARS”

“Kids love to crash toy cars. But what happens if they can’t? In order to promote the Brake Assist System PLUS, Mercedes-Benz installed super strong magnets inside toy cars, and delivered them to people with the highest safety demands: families. To show them live at home a system that avoids crashes – hated by kids, loved by adults.”

A perfect attempt by Mercedes-Benz to illustrate it’s new anti-collision technology in its vehicle called the Brake Assist System PLUS by creating a toy cars that are impossible for kids to crash into each other.

I personally think that this ad is not just an attempt to show the technology, but also seeding the next-generation of Merc owners. as being known by us all marketers, that it is always a good investment to start promoting brand loyalty in the early age. 🙂


818 Days Later…

Turns out i kinda have ‘commitment issues’ in making a blog entry :p

so here goes, 818 days later…


some of us might already know that consumer tend to spend more time in their buying process when it comes to a ‘high involvement’ product.

the time needed to buy a snack in the supermarket will not be the same with the time needed to buy a make up / shirt.

apart from it’s perceived quality, the purchase decision of a beauty products are usually highly affected by the brand image perceived by the customer. with a good brand image, brand will able to sell their product with a ‘premium price’ while also being trusted / expected to deliver a superior quality compared to others.

to be able to do so, i personally think key visual as well as TVC is a very effective media to allow brands building their image. However, if it is that simple, why don’t all the brands just come up with a great key visual and put some extra effort in making a good / sophisticated TVC ?

i hope this video by Biotherm Aquasource may somewhat shows you that you’ll need a hardwork as well as technique to be able to come up with a great key visual or TVC



Best Flight Safety Video ?

For most people, traveling on a plane is not a new thing. For some, it may already becomes a ‘habit’

terms like frequent flyer or jetsetter has becoming a common thing in our daily society thus making most of us to pay a very little attention towards the  in-flight safety video that is always shown before take off.

so how can we create a highly interactive video that attracts around 6 million people to watch the video without stepping on a plane for only 12 days after the video has launched?

on October 2013, Virgin America launched it’s inflight safety video that is Directed by Hollywood director Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2, Step Up 3D). With a very catchy tunes, and dynamic choreography, this video has becoming a viral hit resulting over 5.8 million YouTube views, 430,000 Facebook shares and 17,000 tweets in less than 2 weeks!

looking at these numbers, i’m pretty sure it will give an impact to its Awareness & Brand Image. Genius ?

Enjoy 😀

Behind the Scene

Print Ads on Xmas

It is currently less than 2 weeks till Christmas!

During this time, brands usually comes up with their thematic “festive” designs & activities like TV Ads and Print Ads.

In making these designs, it is important to link the brand with the moment, thus allowing you to also deliver your communication message while also “celebrating” the moment with the viewer

Below are some of the christmas theme print ads that i found quite interesting

Enjoy 🙂